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Little Genius Cottage Childcare Enrolment Process

 Accepting Applications 


You’re invited to take a tour of the centre so you can see where you child will be cared. You can bring along your little angel and let him/her show you how much he/she likes our centre.

It’s the best chance to discuss your needs and meet our team, we believe it’s important for families to experience our centre rather than just browsing online.

You’re encouraged to ask as many questions as you like until you’re fully comfortable with the decision.

For more information call

(02) 9345 6645

A place is offered

We will provide you with an enrolment pack contains everything you need to know about the centre, and information we need from you.

Please make sure you sign and return the enrolment form with all prescribed documentations before lodge the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) application.


Helping children and parents settle into centre life is one of our priority. We will arrange an orientation for each family, parents and child are encouraged to participate in different session of the date, giving child opportunities to experience and explore our centre, get to know educators and meet new friends.

The first day in a new childcare centre is often quite emotionally challenging for both your child and you.

We will guide you through the process and give you updates on how your child has gone for the day.


  • What we will provide?
    Fresh, nutritious meals including morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea and a late afternoon snack Fresh milk Bedding Hats and sunscreen Nappies Sheets and pillowcases
  • What should I pack for my child?
    Milk bottle and water bottle – We will provide bottles but it’s recommended that you bring you own bottle for hygiene consideration Formula – As this is specific to each child we ask this is brought in Comforter – Extra pacifier, special comforter if any Spare clothes Creams and teething assistance – if your child has a sensitive skin and develops nappy rash we ask you bring this in. Make sure you label all your belongings and collect them when you leave.
  • Is there parking available?
    Front and rear parking are available.
  • How do I apply for the ChildCare Subsidy?
    You apply via MyGov / Centrelink. You will need a parent and child CRN. In order to calculate your potential benefit please visit :
  • What is the centre's opening hours?
    We are open Monday to Friday from 7:30am - 6pm.
  • What is included in the fee?
    - All nappies, wipes, morning tea, afternoon tea, lunch, all incursions and excursions, sunscreen, all bedding, provision of education (we have a fully qualified Early Childhood Teacher who sets the program).
  • What is not included in the fee?
    Formula and creams. This is because these are child specific.
  • Is the centre open public holidays?
    No - it is closed
  • Is the centre open all year around?
    Yes, the centre is open 52 weeks a year.
  • Does the centre assist with school readiness?
    Yes - the centre has a specific focus on school readiness. We have a dedicated program which is reset every fortnight which focuses on self help skills, literacy, numeracy, creativity, motor skills, and fitness. We try and ensure from a very young age that children are independent and that we encourage excellent outcomes.
  • Does the centre assist with toilet training?
    Yes. When you and the child are ready we can support you with toilet training. Our educators have plenty of experience to guide you and your child.
  • How does the centre communicate with us?
    We have two apps which help us communicate daily with parents. In addition, we are available anytime on email and phone. One of the Apps Storypark ensures you are updated about your child's progress throughout the day, their meals taken and sleeps.
  • What experience do educators have?
    We take pride in that our staff are highly trained in CPR, First Aid, Child Protection and childhood education. Our educators are mature and experienced, with several undertaking further studies to further upskill in their careers.
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