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Our Programs

Diverse Learning Experiences

Infants Program

Our infants program is specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of babies aged 13 months to 2 years. Our experienced and qualified staff provide a nurturing and safe environment for your little ones to grow and develop. Routines such as feeding, resting, daily reading, free painting/drawing and outdoor discovery in younger children’s area are significant elements of the daily program. These experiences offer positive opportunities for developing a love of learning and inspire motor, sensory development and social engagement.

We’re here to provide a supportive, enriching and multi sensory environment to help infants establish a strong sense of safety, belonging, confidence and building a solid foundation for future learning.

Baby’s language development and creativity are supported by a variety of sensory experiences and language games during every possible interaction occasions.

As the younger child development progresses, additional learning outcomes are expected such as self-feeding, expressing their needs using hand signs and hand-eye coordination.


Toddlers Program

Our toddlers program is designed to encourage exploration and creativity for children aged 2 to 3 years. Our curriculum is based on play-based learning and provides opportunities for children to develop their cognitive, physical and emotional skills.

Our educators respect and respond to children’s cues and interests, reinforces developments through music time, scene plays, short stories reading  time. Each day our small group time allows young child to make connections, it’s an effective way of learning since individual’s activities are more focused.

We work to foster their interpersonal skills such as listening, learning how to treat one another, they will explore concepts such as sharing, turn-taking, conflict resolution and emotional resilience, developing empathy, emotion management typically in dealing with frustration, problem solving techniques and manners.

This all contributes to toddlers becoming confident learners.

Preschool Program

We are known for our school readiness program. We ensure children are well prepared for school through in their programming. We work actively with parents to set goals they would like to achieve for their children.
We also facilitate excursions with the local schools (Chifley Public) to ensure that our children are ready for school, know what to expect, including the expected routines and skills. 

Our preschool curriculum allows children to concentrate for a longer period of time, exploring, repeating and investigating situations until their curiosity is satisfied. Benefits include:

  • Fostering an early passion for learning

  • Socialization and improve social-emotional skills to interact with others with diverse backgrounds

  • Arousing curiosity, creativity and problem solving skills

  • Promoting language development and vocabulary

  • Improving gross and fine motor skills

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