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Government Assistance for Child Care

The NSW and Federal Government has programs to help you with the cost of childcare

  • The NSW and Federal government has numerous programs to assist you with the cost of childcare.

  • The most common subsidy is the ChildCare Assistance Payment.

  • Once you commence we can advise you what your gap is if any depending on your circumstances.

  • This subsidy is means tested (now capped at $550,000 per household income) and activity tested (how much you work) for you and your spouse.

  • We will automate this government subsidy for you when you enrol so you only pay the gap. 

  • The latest government information can be found here

  • Families can now use the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) Calculator found at to see what their subsidy rates are expected to be.

  • Most families will get more subsidy. Some families previously not eligible will be able to get it.

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